Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box Reviews

Best Gigabyte AORUS Gaming BoxThis might the perfect thing required by all the ardent gamers out there. As we all know GIGABYTE is a well-known for its high power and performance factor in the most compact form known and so is the new gaming box. The Aorus GTX 1070 is powered by GIGABYTE GeForce; Aorus GTX 1070 gaming box is enough to turn your laptop PC into a gaming platform.

This is a perfect solution for the gamers as it has a high power performance for all the graphics intensive and VR ready games. One of its best features would be the fact that it is efficient enough to work in a quiet environment as it has GIGABYTE numerous thermal and overclock technology. This product has amazing specifications which are suitable for your best gaming experience.


  • It is an all in one box which takes care of all your gaming requirements
  • Does not require any tough building or assembling of components
  • The money value is completely acceptable for its quality
  • Provides easy portability as it comes with a carry bag
  • The performance is inexplicably good


  • The customization and upgrades are limited
  • The tech support might create an issue
  • Not 100% plug and play

Bottom line:

This product does not have any severe drawbacks which prevent it from being on the pop charts. The reason for its demand is the fact that it provides a competently good performance and its looks are really compact. This product could easily be considered as your all in one gaming requirement set. It has a good portability factor as well.

Embedded Geforce GTX 1070:

This product comes with an embedded Geforce GTX 1070 which enable graphics intensive games and VR experience. This is the major reason that the performance of this gaming box has become inexplicably good. It is completely apt to turn your ultrabook into a gaming platform. It is powered by GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1070 over70 overclock edition graphics card. This feature also helps in its efficient working in a quiet environment.

Thunderbolt 3:

The gaming box is connected to the PC through thunderbolt which provides the speed to the gaming experience up to 40 Gbps and helps in delivering the fastest connectivity possible. It helps in the power charging of the laptop as it delivers a 100w to charge it.

This feature might be the reason for the apt and smooth performance of this gaming box. It is an exclusive feature included in Aorus GTX 1070.


When it comes to such devices you need to pay heed to this feature and this product provides sufficient portability ease which a user might need. This device also comes with a carry bag. The main reason behind its portability is the compact size of Aorus GTX 1070.

Such a compact size is very helpful in easy portability of the device which gives you the ease of using and shifting it anywhere.

Plug and play feature and connectivity:

This product has 3 USB ports which allow you a better connection with other devices. The connectivity provided by Aorus GTX 1070 is better and so is the quality.

Also, this product provides a plug and play ease due to Thunderbolt 3. This plug and play feature provides you more ease as compared to other devices. No complex structure.

Compact and stylish looks:

This product is very compact when it comes to its looks and this is the feature which makes it look sleek and stylish. It also allows for better portability.

This device has RGB fusion as it comes with 16.7M customizable color options and a number of lighting effects as well. You may choose the color as per your preference for your gaming rig.


The Aorus GTX 1070 gaming box might be sufficient for your gaming requirements if you are a hardcore gamer as it supports the best video quality and all of its features completely go with the gaming theme. This product provides you amazing speed due to Thunderbolt 3 and the fact that it delivers inexplicably amazing performance with graphics intensive games and VR ready software games. The graphics card is very powerful and good enough to provide you the best experience of your gaming session. The cost of the Aorus GTX 1070 gaming box is worth the features provided by the company. It is portable enough as well. Another impressive feature would be its connectivity and compact yet stylish looks. This looks like your all in one gaming requirement.

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